Four Levels of Faith

Hebrew 10:38-39

Faith accepts the impossible as a real possibility!
Faith ignores the obvious and takes a step of obedience anyway.

Four levels of Faith:

  1. No Faith – God doing no “mighty” works…
  2. Little Faith – God limited by unbelief
  3. Strong Faith – God pleased with a growing faith…
  4. Great Faith – God answering prayer – unleashed!

Christ addressed (#2) Little Faith more often then any…because most people live in this category & because it’s so important for us to move from defeat (being overcome) to success (overcoming)

1. Overcoming Care (worry) – Matthew 6:25-30

  • v26 – Food = needs – God takes care of everything – trust Him!
    v27 – Growth = your progress – stay healthy & God will grow you – trust Him!
    v28 – Clothing = How you look – God gives beauty – trust Him!
    v34 – Future = our tomorrows – God is in control – trust Him!

Anxiety / stress  /  Worry / peer pressure  –  Philippians 4:6

2. Overcoming Fear Matthew 8:26

  • When we’re alone and afraid…
  • Wonder what Jesus is dreaming?

A. Fear of rejection – non –acceptance / people trap    (Phobias – fear cripple)
B. Fear of evil – forces, men, workings                        (Fears now and then)
C. Fear of tragedy – loss, the worst                              (Isaiah 41:10)

3. Overcoming LogicMatthew 16:8

  • They were trying to rationalize a spiritual teaching
  1. God is bigger then calendars – “revivals” scheduled, budgets – when it doesn’t make sense on paper
  2. God wants me to trust Him past…my reasoning’s, my senses (sight), my ability, my comfort zone
  3. Faith accepts the impossible as a real possibility!
  4. Faith ignores the obvious and takes a step of obedience.

We can overcome … because

  1. God is on our side and He’s in control – ch.1
  2. God gives us power and strength – ch.2
  3. God gives us people to help – ch.4
  4. God gives us resources – ch.6

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