Launch Out

There is a Latin phrase for the moment when high tide is at its peak and the moon begins to tug the current back out to sea... “ob portu."  No matter the time of day, this was the perfect moment to set sail -- for ships to launch out! Jesus seized the opportune moment in … Continue reading Launch Out

The Just Shall Live by Faith

4 times in scripture - Hebrew 2:4 – “by His faith” 3 times in NT – each with different emphasis Martin Luther’s Salvation _ climbing “Sancta Scala” sacred stairs Not by works – but by faith – just justify – declared not guilty Shades of white – “just” 100% pure (Job 9:2) Noah – Genesis … Continue reading The Just Shall Live by Faith

Living by Faith

Galatians 3:11     Hebrew 2:4: Live by Faith      Galatians 2:20 “life” 5 times Sin = Death – Eden &Adam, Ezekiel 18:20 Christ = life – John 10:10 to Martha – John 11:25,26 / John 3:16, 5:24, 14:6, 6:41,51 Living process – A process of Faith Life begins at _____ (40? Conception?, 16?, 21?,) Death begins at … Continue reading Living by Faith

Four Levels of Faith

Hebrew 10:38-39 Faith accepts the impossible as a real possibility! Faith ignores the obvious and takes a step of obedience anyway. Four levels of Faith: No Faith – God doing no “mighty” works… Little Faith – God limited by unbelief Strong Faith – God pleased with a growing faith… Great Faith – God answering prayer … Continue reading Four Levels of Faith

The Kind of Faith We Need Today

Matthew 24:36-39  |  Hebrew 11:7 The Days of Noah These days would be like the days when the Lord returns: Genesis 6: * When corruption is common place V1 – Population explosion – (USA – 1900:80m / 2000:300m) V4 – Abnormal sexual practices and increased demonic activity V5 – Wicked imaginations (II Timothy 3:13) rage, … Continue reading The Kind of Faith We Need Today