Proverbs: Wealth of Wisdom

This series of 12 lessons covers the thirty-one chapters of wisdom given by King Solomon.  Written in a series of comparisons, Proverbs deals with many different topics including: money, relationships, sin, and sex.  Titles include: Sinful Paths  *  The Call to Real Life *  Power of Life and Death  *  The Will of God The … Continue reading Proverbs: Wealth of Wisdom

God’s Will… How Can We Know It?

Youth Ministry Leader, Kevin Winchenbach, gives parents plain teaching about how to help your teenager find God’s will for their life.  (This advice is good for any age - even adults!) So many people, young and old, have asked the question, “What is God’s will for my life?”  I ask it often as I drive … Continue reading God’s Will… How Can We Know It?