This sermon by Solomon is 'an inspired confession of failure.'  He speaks with regret about the futility of happiness of life apart from God... or, as he says it: "all is vanity and vexation of spirit ... under the sun." *Note to the reader: This book is a divinely-inspired editorial of life.  It is very … Continue reading Ecclesiastes


This book is nothing less than "The Rules" and the principles of self-government from Solomon to his son(s).  He contrasts the fear of the Lord with the folly of self-will.  This book is not a reference book (indexed / organized) to find answers for our pragmatic minds; but rather, it is a mine full of … Continue reading Proverbs

God is in Control

The Lord reigneth (Ps. 97:1; 99:1 - that 'eth' is KJV-talk for continually present tense). In other words, God is always in control. He is reigning, He has always reigned, and will forever reign. His position is one of ultimate authority. Every earthly authority is subject to Him. God doesn't just allow politics, He causes them to be in power. What's more, His power is so amazing that He can see all people, of all time, in all places ... at the same time with just a glance. He must lower Himself to our level just to care for creation.

How to Pray for Your Friends

Do you ever catch yourself praying and wonder if what you are asking is even close to what God wants? I've wondered that a lot. I'll be praying for someone to be healed of arthritis and think, 'Maybe God doesn't want to heal them yet. Maybe there's some bigger plan here.' I've prayed for men to get jobs, for new vehicles, for better apartments, for changes in circumstance and situation and then asked myself: 'What if God doesn't want to do what I'm asking because He knows better?' I think that sometimes our prayers don't fall in line with what God is doing. Here are 4 thing that you can know God wants to answer...

Proverbs: Wealth of Wisdom

This series of 12 lessons covers the thirty-one chapters of wisdom given by King Solomon.  Written in a series of comparisons, Proverbs deals with many different topics including: money, relationships, sin, and sex.  Titles include: Sinful Paths  *  The Call to Real Life *  Power of Life and Death  *  The Will of God The … Continue reading Proverbs: Wealth of Wisdom