3 Things I Learned from Joel Osteen

A wise man once said that he could learn from anyone... did you catch that? He was wise... because he didn’t let anyone stand in his way of growth. Not their successes or their failures. Not their preferences, their convictions, their methods, their mannerisms, their eccentricities. We would be wise to learn from this as well...

Reflections: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I normally don’t spend a lot of time in front of the mirror. Even when I do to shave or brush my teeth, I take little time out of my day to really look. But today was different. I paused and took a long, hard look because today, I am forty-two years old. As I looked at the face staring back at me, sifting through the memories that accumulate, I realized God’s plan would have involved few of the things I had said or done in that time.

How to Pray for Your Friends

Do you ever catch yourself praying and wonder if what you are asking is even close to what God wants? I've wondered that a lot. I'll be praying for someone to be healed of arthritis and think, 'Maybe God doesn't want to heal them yet. Maybe there's some bigger plan here.' I've prayed for men to get jobs, for new vehicles, for better apartments, for changes in circumstance and situation and then asked myself: 'What if God doesn't want to do what I'm asking because He knows better?' I think that sometimes our prayers don't fall in line with what God is doing. Here are 4 thing that you can know God wants to answer...

Wave the White Flag

Two hundred years after Christ, China's Han Dynasty began its ruthless conquest of neighboring territories. During a particular battle, an enemy soldier, knowing he was defeated, stripped off part of his shirt and waved it in the air. It was an act of surrender - thus began the tradition of ending a battle by waving the white flag. For the 1st-century Roman soldiers, their 'white flag' was their shield. When surrendering, a centurion would drop his sword and raised his shield above his head - an act of surrender.