The Future of Guys

Would you believe that your daughter is now more likely to get a college degree of any level than your son as well as do excel in school from start to finish? If you view those stats from 1970 to the projected amounts for 2020, an alarming shift is underway. It’s nothing against daughters (I have 3 of them), but what does this bespeak of my sons’ future (I have 3 of them too)? I don’t want to be obsessed with the idea that manhood is under full-scale attack, but something is up!

It All Comes Down to Relationships

Everything important can be summed up in one word: relationships. In hospital rooms, on deathbeds, and in funeral homes... you don't find serious talk about careers and portfolios. No, it's all about relationships. Memories, vacations, family, friends, high school buddies, children, and church - these are the valuables of life. This is what life really … Continue reading It All Comes Down to Relationships

The Mystery of Unanswered Prayer

Matthew 7:7-12 What is prayer?  Why do we pray?  Do you get prayers answered?  How many have ever gotten one, two, ten, 100, all? In this passage – there is a promise – a most amazing promise.  This promise was given by Christ – it is unconditionally delivered to all mankind.  This is not only … Continue reading The Mystery of Unanswered Prayer