The Lord is My Shepherd

“The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.” This first verse contains a wonderful blessing for the child of God. This verse establishes both our position, and our possession. The little word “my” sets the tone for the whole chapter. This is a personal Psalm, and it has many applications for our Christian life.

Is the Lord Among Us or Not?

Exodus 17 records the day their question of God's provision turned into an accusation of God's neglect... They were following God's leadership when they were led to the foot at Mount Sinai, but their tongues were parched & their canteens empty. They had expected that if God was with them, they wouldn't have any unmet needs. And when their needs went unmet, they began their 'chiding' (to set forth a case, to argue like an attorney, to require a burden of proof). They began to 2nd guess God, saying 'God, I don't believe I can trust You. Prove it by giving us water!'