Psalm 23 – It’s Not About You

How many times have you read Psalm 23? For me, it is probably several dozen, if not more than one hundred. Until recently I read it with a selfish focus. When I read Psalm 23, I saw the promise of peace, restoration, and protection. While it speaks to these subjects, none of them are THE subject.

Finding Real Hope

Experts predict that depression will be the second-most common health problem in the world by 2020. Some will look for hope in relationships, in accomplishments, in more wealth, in better health. Some will seek for it in pills or in a bottle, while others will try to find it through fantasy and escapism. But all of these just leave us more empty, more broken, more hopeless…

New Year’s Resolutions

Physically Resolved, to exercise more often than last year (that should be easy!). Resolved, to eat less trans-fats and to eat less in general. Resolved, to drink more water (does sweet tea and lemonade count?). Resolved, to eat more green vegetables (I don't think McD's charges for extra lettuce). Resolved, to take the stairs (even … Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions

High, Holy, and Lifted Up

As you read this, please pray for a proper understanding of God's true size and might. Let Isaiah's vision of God (Isa. 6:1-7) un-box your view of God. God is holy. He is sacred, set apart, and unlike all else. Holiness isn't just an attribute of God; it is the essence of who God is. It's impossible to define holiness without God and God without holiness. His holiness has many facets: His ways are pure, His works are powerful, and His words are our promise.

The Mystery of Unanswered Prayer

Matthew 7:7-12 What is prayer?  Why do we pray?  Do you get prayers answered?  How many have ever gotten one, two, ten, 100, all? In this passage – there is a promise – a most amazing promise.  This promise was given by Christ – it is unconditionally delivered to all mankind.  This is not only … Continue reading The Mystery of Unanswered Prayer