I’m a Piece of Work!

On my journey, I have disappointed so many people. I've thought I was doing right, but I was deceived. At other times, I knew that I was doing wrong, and I kept it up anyway. But thank God - by His grace - that He never gives up on us and continues His work to perfect (mature) us until the day we will meet Him (Phil. 1:6). He's so amazing at accomplishing His will / work in us that He can even weave in the negative, dark, and ugly parts of our lives into the fabric of our life's mosaic.


It’s crazy, but in order to be true to myself, I find a little rebellion necessary. It’s more than a phase, it’s an essential stage for my growth. Rebellion, for me, is nothing more than a means to an end: finding myself. I admit that I’m a little scared, but I cannot continue to accept all the assumptions and presumptions handed down to me. Up to this point, my identity has been defined by peer pressure and fear, so I must rebel for the sake of my own integrity or I must deny God’s design in me. My calling is unique to me; this is not my grandfather’s world, so I rebel for the sake of impacting my generation with the Gospel.

No Fruit, No Life

When we think of the life and ministry of Jesus, we always assume that he is talking to the multitudes. However, some of the most powerful truths that our Lord ever shared was among His most trusted and beloved friends. The entirety of John 14-17 is Jesus speaking in the upper room to His disciples; mere hours away from being taken captive and eventually crucified.

Getting in the Way

II Corinthians 12:7-10; Exodus 5:20 In mechanic’s shop lately – he was telling about people who just stand there, asking questions, hanging around, not helping…me! Define – “in the way” – being useless; without function; causing more harm then good; preventing someone or something; holding a person/thing back from progress. We get in the way … Continue reading Getting in the Way