The Day of Atonement (aka: Yom Kippur) - each year, on one single day, the high priest was able to access the Holiest Place (to sprinkle blood on the mercy seat). On this day a priest would place all of the sins of all the Hebrews onto a goat and send him into the wilderness... the scapegoat. (Read about this day in ch. 16)

A New Covenant

Hebrews 10:25 is one of the most quoted Scriptures about 'church' - yet it is probably one of the most short-changed verses as well. Few know how beautifully the context (v19-39) sets it up as a diamond among rubies. In the next few articles, we will unpack the treasures, unfold the tapestry, unveil the plan of God for His church. This series will be one of the most exciting trips we will take together (100% money-back guarantee)... Church Still Works!