Baptist Dysfunction #2

I was raised on the old B-A-P-T-I-S-T below. These are the things that supposedly made us 'distinctive' in our faith. But as I'm reading and learning, I'm discovering that most -if not all- of these do not mean what they used to... what they're supposed to. This post will focus on the Priesthood of the Believer & Individual Soul Liberty.

Stone-Caster or Stone-Catcher?

When someone has damaged their reputation or fallen into sin, the easiest thing to do is - well - nothing! But Galatians 6:1 commands something very different. Frankly, I don't know if there is a verse in the Bible that is less practiced in today's Christian world. But God has been clear. If you are "spiritual," it is your duty to get involved in restoration of the fallen - to become a stone catcher.

Raise the Standard!

Standards are what many churches measure their members up against… Is his hair short enough? Is her skirt long enough? Their music has drums in it! I heard they went to the movies! He didn’t wear church clothes to church! Their family went to the beach! Did you know that he smokes? Ahhhhhhh! The list goes on and on…