Baptist Dysfunction #1

I have so encouraged to see a resurgence among young independent fundamental baptists calling for a revolution back to truth. It is encouraging to hear the stories from so many who are prayerfully seeking balance in their faith, their families, and their ministries. For too long, legalists have ruled, dictators have oppressed, and ignorance prevailed.

Postmortem for a Dream – Part Four

I’ve learned that a dream is only as valuable as the plan for accomplishing it. And I’ve learned that the dream of healthy, deepening relationships with my God, my wife, and my children is of far greater importance. I’ve learned that, even as the odds were stacked against me, God was shaping me and my ministry style. And I’ve learned that the end result of this chapter of my life does not invalidate who I have become and what I have come to value as a leader and pastor.

The Leadership Baton

1 Timothy 3 Introduction to Church Leadership: There are two offices mentioned in the Bible (Phil. 1:1): pastors and deacons. Each one serves a purpose and is necessary in healthy, growing churches. 1. The Pastor a. Various Names & Responsibilities (Eph. 4:11; 1 Tim. 5:17; Titus 1:7) i. Pastor – means “shepherd” – relates to … Continue reading The Leadership Baton