Time & Money

When it comes to a Christian view of time & money, most people tend to extremes in one of two ways: either they are hoarding and miserly or they are far too lax. The Biblical perspective presents two tensions that true Christians must strive to live between. One is generosity (liberality). The other is discipline (budgeting). These two pull against one another.

Enjoying Your Money

Once there was a man in an art gallery picking up & carrying around various paintings. He pretended to be somebody - many of the guests even thought he was an artist or an art dealer. Yet when closing time came, he could not carry the paintings out the door... You and I might look or act like 'owners' but when this life is over, it is certain that we will leave it all here. You can't take it with you!

Hope for the Broke

We pick up the story in Ps. 42-43... David is discouraged: struggling emotionally, sinking in the quicksand of discontentment. He is complaining about what he doesn't have and feels like he needs. He feels distant from God and lacks true perspective of life. Then he begins to preach HOPE to himself... fighting the battle of hopelessness from the inside out, rather than letting the outside overcome him.

Is the love of money really the root of all evil?

Is the love of money really the root of all evil or all kinds of evils? Aren't there sins which can't be traced back to the almighty dollar? That can't be true, can it? Yes, it is, without exception, absolutely true. The key to this verse is really missed when we don't uncover the root of the love of money. In the text, this is covetousness: a desire for some one, some thing, or some where that God has not granted. It is a lust for anything apart from satisfaction in God: usually power, possessions, and...

Proverbs: Wealth of Wisdom

This series of 12 lessons covers the thirty-one chapters of wisdom given by King Solomon.  Written in a series of comparisons, Proverbs deals with many different topics including: money, relationships, sin, and sex.  Titles include: Sinful Paths  *  The Call to Real Life *  Power of Life and Death  *  The Will of God The … Continue reading Proverbs: Wealth of Wisdom

The Best Christmas Gifts

by Patrick Nix With things being as financially tight as they are in a house full of kids, we've been thinking about making the most of our money & that single opportunity we share at Christmas to give the 'perfect' present. These are not the only gifts that would qualify as good (by far) - … Continue reading The Best Christmas Gifts