24-hr Promise Line

~COST: Free! ~TIME REQUIRED: Very Low ~TECH LEVEL: Intermediate ~SCRIPTURE: Acts 5:42 (daily... in every house) ~BENEFITS: Very High! A 24-hour Prayer & Promise Line adds another point of contact between your church and your community, another connection between the pastor and the pew... It's as easy as recording a new voicemail message (that's exactly … Continue reading 24-hr Promise Line

‘Must-Have’ Freebies for Ministry Leaders

We've added a few links to resources on the 'Partners Page.'  We use these on a very regular basis for our ministry.  Below are a few of the new additions.  I dare you to see if you can live without them! Church Office Online - the best church-management bang for the buck...easy to create calendars, … Continue reading ‘Must-Have’ Freebies for Ministry Leaders