1 & 2 Kings

The 2nd of 3 pairs of History covering Israel's Age of Kings. Begins with the death of King David and the entrance of Solomon and ends with the temple destroyed and the glory departing. These two books emphasize King Solomon's wisdom and the glory of the temple while highlighting the ministries of Elijah (national struggles … Continue reading 1 & 2 Kings

Mark 1.9-20 – Starting Right

1.9-11 The Baptism of Christ ..the Visit, the Vision & the Voice ..Nazareth / Galilee: obscure, despised, contemptible places (lack of morals / education) ..baptized: first task as a man, alone, was a mission of submission (Matt3.15) ..Spirit descending: validation, encouragement, empowering (Jn1.32-34) - symbolism! ..beloved Son: 1st phase of son-ship (2-Cowboy, 3-Warrior, 4-Lover, 5-King, … Continue reading Mark 1.9-20 – Starting Right

From the Ballroom to the Kingdom

Article by Tara Chadwell Living life without Jesus had brought me a large collection of masks. Just a short time ago, I LOVED my room full of masks. I had one for every occasion, every outfit, every circumstance and my most favorite mask of happiness. This mask was the most beautiful of all. Everyone that … Continue reading From the Ballroom to the Kingdom