A Low-Life Living for a High-Calling

Too many Christians live divided lives. One part enjoys the things of the world and the other part tries to live for the Lord. Getting wrapped up in “things,” they lose the joy and peace they ought to have in Christ. Nothing will keep our minds spiritual more than looking for the coming of Christ. Find out how being a Christian gives you a 'high calling' to live for...

Reflections: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I normally don’t spend a lot of time in front of the mirror. Even when I do to shave or brush my teeth, I take little time out of my day to really look. But today was different. I paused and took a long, hard look because today, I am forty-two years old. As I looked at the face staring back at me, sifting through the memories that accumulate, I realized God’s plan would have involved few of the things I had said or done in that time.

1 & 2 Kings

The 2nd of 3 pairs of History covering Israel's Age of Kings. Begins with the death of King David and the entrance of Solomon and ends with the temple destroyed and the glory departing. These two books emphasize King Solomon's wisdom and the glory of the temple while highlighting the ministries of Elijah (national struggles … Continue reading 1 & 2 Kings