Overcoming Unhappiness

REAL JOY #2 - Study of Philippians 1[b]  --  This lesson includes 2 of the 3 secrets to a Overcoming Unhappiness. View Part 1 here. ** Download the Student Guide HERE. The Furtherance of the Gospel (1:12–26) Notice how Paul describes all the suffering he had been through; he calls these trying events “the things that … Continue reading Overcoming Unhappiness

Would You Come to My Funeral?

Recently, I was challenged to attend my own funeral... It's not a new idea - but it's a great one. Will you come with me and hear what everyone has to say? Please keep in mind that this is my 'ideal' funeral. As I read this again, I realize how much distance there is between this and reality - and I'm terrible humbled. These words are some things that I would hope to hear in my wildest dreams and something that helps me set my life-goals.

It All Comes Down to Relationships

Everything important can be summed up in one word: relationships. In hospital rooms, on deathbeds, and in funeral homes... you don't find serious talk about careers and portfolios. No, it's all about relationships. Memories, vacations, family, friends, high school buddies, children, and church - these are the valuables of life. This is what life really … Continue reading It All Comes Down to Relationships

Balancing Relationships

I desire balance, yet it escapes me again today. What of it – where did it go? It is defined as “a state of equilibrium; equal distribution of weight.” Balance is “the ability to decide an outcome by throwing one’s influence/support to one side or the other.” In life, the rest that we call balance is our ongoing adjustments of endless relationships, movements, and accounts. It is the constant correction of imbalances that we will, hopefully, get better and better at controlling. Here a few ways the Lord is teaching me about balance – especially in the area of relationships.