Getting Ready for Deliverance

The theme of Exodus is the Deliverance of God's people.  Chapter 1 gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the events leading up to their redemption. 1. The Need for Deliverance (1-6) When Jacob and his family came to Egypt to escape famine, there were only seventy.  Now, there were thousands (possibly hundreds of thousands).  They … Continue reading Getting Ready for Deliverance

Meekness: a fruit of the Spirit

Meekness is a rare concept in our culture – even among Christians. We can’t define it, we don’t know where to get it, and aren’t sure we’d really even want to keep it if we had it! It’s a word being used far more to describe our economy than our spirits. Tragically, meekness is becoming synonymous with weakness; when in actuality, meekness is odds with our weakness. Meekness will overturn your weakness if you will allow it!

The Dangers of Halloween

REPOST Source: The End of Times Observer Excited children masquerading as super-heroes, pirates, devils, ghosts and other creatures bounding through the neighborhood, going from door to door shouting, "Trick or Treat!" The party at school or a friend’s house where they tell ghost stories, bob for apples or tell fortunes. The visit to the community "haunted … Continue reading The Dangers of Halloween

Falling from Grace

Listen to Full Audio Message by Pastor Nix Speaking on grace has seemed one sided…when you speak of unconditioned forgiveness and limitless love and boundless acceptance… The scent of sandal anises when you tell sinners that; “No matter what, God loves you and can forgive you.” or that “No amount of effort and works impresses … Continue reading Falling from Grace

Four Levels of Faith

Hebrew 10:38-39 Faith accepts the impossible as a real possibility! Faith ignores the obvious and takes a step of obedience anyway. Four levels of Faith: No Faith – God doing no “mighty” works… Little Faith – God limited by unbelief Strong Faith – God pleased with a growing faith… Great Faith – God answering prayer … Continue reading Four Levels of Faith

The Kind of Faith We Need Today

Matthew 24:36-39  |  Hebrew 11:7 The Days of Noah These days would be like the days when the Lord returns: Genesis 6: * When corruption is common place V1 – Population explosion – (USA – 1900:80m / 2000:300m) V4 – Abnormal sexual practices and increased demonic activity V5 – Wicked imaginations (II Timothy 3:13) rage, … Continue reading The Kind of Faith We Need Today