Better by Far

It's far better than life, home, friends, health, food, music, love, better than ANYTHING! Better than 1st kiss, a great steak, sex, pampered at spa, wealth, power, sportscar, or even the love of grandkids! The problem is, most people don't really believe that it's 'far better' and worth waiting for! There's a really good reason: Satan LIES about Heaven: it's an unreal place (where spirits sit on clouds and play harps), it's a place for God (and won't feel like home), and so monotonous (forever is a long time to be anywhere!). I must admit that I wanted Heaven to wait for ...

Longsuffering: a Fruit of the Spirit

‘Hurry up and wait.’ That ought to be my motto – but I can't bring myself to use it because it’s painfully all-too-true. Much of life is waiting and most of our frustrations come from unrealistic or improper expectations about life and others. We think longsuffering is a good quality for the driver behind us, but never for the one in front of us! We presume that others should give us a liberal amount of slack, yet we fail to deliver the same. This only leads to more frustration, impatience, and anger.