Do You REALLY Care about Your Family?

Do you care about your spouse? Does it matter to you what your children will become? Not what they will do for work – but who they will be – what they will become. What legacy you are leaving for your grandchildren? In our parenting journey, Sarah and I have noted essentials for healthy families. Every family can do these!

Would You Come to My Funeral?

Recently, I was challenged to attend my own funeral... It's not a new idea - but it's a great one. Will you come with me and hear what everyone has to say? Please keep in mind that this is my 'ideal' funeral. As I read this again, I realize how much distance there is between this and reality - and I'm terrible humbled. These words are some things that I would hope to hear in my wildest dreams and something that helps me set my life-goals.


Daniel ("God is my Judge") wrote this book as a journal of God's greatness over man's wisdom (ch 1-2), over fury and fire (ch 3), over pride and power (ch 4), over a king's plans (ch 5), and even over hungry lions (ch 6).  Anyone/anything vs. God = anyone/anything loses & God wins! This book … Continue reading Daniel