Postmortem for a Dream – Part Three

People had been hinting at the possibility I’d made a mistake almost since I’d moved to Indy. Friends, family members, people who had my best intentions at heart, asked questions as a means of expressing misgivings about my situation. And then they voted with their wallets: when I sent out a letter asking for support from the churches I had grown up in, with leaders who had known me since I was a child, only one church responded with a one-time gift. Included on the list of churches who did not even respond to my letter was the church pastored by my father.

A Bountiful Eye

Joseph is the best-known "Dreamer" in the entire Bible. He saw things that nobody else could see. He was given dreams. He was given the insight to understand the meanings of dreams. Even as his circumstances went from bad to worse, he was a visionary of sorts. He had a bountiful eye to see what God wanted Him to - not only while he slept, but also while he lived day by day. The following 3 thoughts are applications from Joseph's 'bountiful eye' perspective...