If We Only Knew

He revealed Himself so clearly, she had nowhere to turn. God seeks to show you WHO He is and WHAT He can do. In John 4:10, Jesus nearly says, 'I asked you for water, but if you only knew who I am and what I want to give you, you would have asked me!' She didn't know so Jesus was revealing Himself as the Christ. That's where the element of thirst enters in. Water is the both the most common and most needful quantity on earth, but it is meaningless until you truly feel its lack. Over your lifetime, you will require 1.5 million gallons of it...

Empty Tomb … Full Life

Listen to the Live Audio Message by Pastor Nix One Easter weekend, our church sent out 200 plastic eggs to help our neighbors consider their own existence. Inside, a simple message: "Is your life as empty as this egg?  Ever feel like you've got a shiny coat outside - but empty and void on the … Continue reading Empty Tomb … Full Life

Your Personal Makeover

Article by Patrick & Joy Nix We have become a makeover-crazed society.  You can’t flip through the channels or walk through the mall or talk with your friends at work without hearing about another woman getting a makeover.  It’s everywhere!  Why are they so popular?  There are several reasons: 1. Make overs are fun.  The … Continue reading Your Personal Makeover