Tug of War

Your identity is not what you do, but will help you find what you should do! Who you are is not defined by your role in life, but it will help determine your role in life! Your beliefs [about yourself, about God, about life] affect your behavior. Your identity is who you are when nobody is around, when you are reduced to nothing. Even after you die, your identity will still be intact.

The Kind of Faith We Need Today

Matthew 24:36-39  |  Hebrew 11:7 The Days of Noah These days would be like the days when the Lord returns: Genesis 6: * When corruption is common place V1 – Population explosion – (USA – 1900:80m / 2000:300m) V4 – Abnormal sexual practices and increased demonic activity V5 – Wicked imaginations (II Timothy 3:13) rage, … Continue reading The Kind of Faith We Need Today