God is in Control

The Lord reigneth (Ps. 97:1; 99:1 - that 'eth' is KJV-talk for continually present tense). In other words, God is always in control. He is reigning, He has always reigned, and will forever reign. His position is one of ultimate authority. Every earthly authority is subject to Him. God doesn't just allow politics, He causes them to be in power. What's more, His power is so amazing that He can see all people, of all time, in all places ... at the same time with just a glance. He must lower Himself to our level just to care for creation.

Temperance: a fruit of the Spirit

Have you noticed that our current generation (especially of Americans) has no concept of control. We are out-of-control. The drastic rise in credit card induced bankruptcies, divorce attorneys, and mini-riots are skyrocketing. Road rage, impulse spending, and all sorts of addictions are seen as ‘normal’ in our society… even in the church! We have totally lost the concept of temperance: the moderation of passions and appetites (Galatians 5:22-23).