Give the Band a Pat on the Back

It was late in the third quarter, we'd lost our momentum, and we were down by 4 after having a good lead at the half. That's when I heard it... the school band! They had been playing the whole game, but that's when I realized how important they really were. At that moment I enjoyed them, but I also felt sorry for them.

A New Community

What does it mean to be a church? We would agree that it's about the people more than the steeple. Is it a team, a family, a club, an organization, a group, a business? In truth, a New Testament church is a faith-family - a covenant community. Hebrews 10:19 & 21 reminds us that we, as Christians, have received a new covenant. To call our attention to these, the author says: "Having..." We have access to God, and we have an advocate before God. Based upon what we have in the new covenant...