Open House Sunday

Spring and Fall are great times of the year to have an Open House Sunday. Many churches open their doors wide and roll out the proverbial red carpet on that day. Successful Open House Sundays are the fruit of a two-pronged approach: outreach & hospitality. Although those themes are not unusual and ought to be a regular part of ministry, a special Sunday offers its membership the opportunity to really focus on these two things.

24-hr Promise Line

~COST: Free! ~TIME REQUIRED: Very Low ~TECH LEVEL: Intermediate ~SCRIPTURE: Acts 5:42 (daily... in every house) ~BENEFITS: Very High! A 24-hour Prayer & Promise Line adds another point of contact between your church and your community, another connection between the pastor and the pew... It's as easy as recording a new voicemail message (that's exactly … Continue reading 24-hr Promise Line

Church Still Works!

September 26, 2010, will mark a very important day in the short history of our church. It is a "12-stone memorial" type of day (see Joshua 4). Not only are we closing out a series of messages about the church, but we will be putting our faith, hope, and love into action by signing the … Continue reading Church Still Works!

A Church in Covenant

Our society has a serious problem: we are scared of commitment. "Commitmentphobia" (as it has been coined) is not only affecting men with cold feet but also keeping many Christians distant from the core group of the church. The consumerism of our American culture has fed the downward trend of commitment in both marriage and church membership. Church shoppers & hoppers now have more influence in a church's direction than Christ Himself. For instance, most new ministries are not started with the question, "How can we better glorify God?" but rather, "How will this affect church growth?" Tragically, many churches have become seeker-sensitive instead of Savior-sensitive. The cure: a church in covenant, committed to Christ and to each other. (Nehemiah 9:38)

What’s the Big Deal about Church?

Article by Pastor Patrick Nix Are you the kind of person that needs to know how something works or why you’re supposed to do it that way?  I have asked the same questions myself. “Why do I have to go to church?”  “Why Sunday?”  “What’s the big deal about church anyway?”  I commend you for … Continue reading What’s the Big Deal about Church?