A Godly Mother

John 20:20-23 records when Salome (mother of James and John) approached Jesus on behalf of her two sons. She is often the brunt of preachers' scorn, but she was not rebuked by Christ. In fact, we see Salome as a godly example of what a mother should be throughout the gospels. She was a worshiper. She interceeded for her children. She took her dreams and expectations to the Lord. She hoped in the Lord. She was desirous to plant her sons into the kingdom. In Mark 15, you find her at Calvary, when most other followers had fled, as a faithful disciple. And in Mark 16:1, she was counted worthy to be a witness to God's power.

To My Children

Before the sun sets again, I must tell you what you mean to me. I love you. I'm so proud of you and thankful for the opportunity to be your father. You are so beautiful in my eyes. I couldn't be happier with you. I have loved you since the moment that you were conceived. You are mine and I am yours. You bear my likeness, and I'm so glad - I hope you are, too. You are a masterpiece of creation, hand-woven with strength for a purpose. You have been gifted with so much potential and opportunity. I treasure you. I love you.

Training Our Children to be Faithful

Article by Kevin Winchenbach As I was sitting in church a couple of weeks ago, I started counting some of the kids I knew from several years ago.  Now that they are teens and young adults, they no longer want to come to church.  What has happened that they are not here or in any other … Continue reading Training Our Children to be Faithful

8 ‘Greats’ for Kids

As you set goals, here are eight great ideas to strengthen your family life and help everyone get on the right track! 1. Create a Consistent Daily Schedule.  It helps children to have a predictable daily routine - starting your day at about the same time, etc.  Rather than excess TV, video games, or idle … Continue reading 8 ‘Greats’ for Kids