Enjoying Love

If love is the concern for the happiness of another, then isn’t it natural to want to love someone that brings you pleasure? Certainly. It’s illogical to think that someone would want to love another who would never reciprocate. Love - even unselfish love - seeks a measure of fulfillment and joy. It’s not wrong - as long as we don’t allow that to become the only time we love. Commitment is the skeleton of love; the emotion of joy is the soft, warm flesh that covers the cold, hard bone of choice.

Love: a Fruit of the Spirit

The word 'love' conjures up so man different things today. A modern dictionary lists 28 various uses for the word: tender affection, warm attachment, intimate passion, strong predication, & amorous benevolence. Yet not of these are complete to define / describe what the Bible speaks of as a fruit of the Spirit. Three words for love are used in the Bible: eros (sensual attraction/passion), phileo (brotherly kindness), and agape (God-like love).

Don’t GO to Church – BE the Church

by Patrick Nix Click Here to Listen That’s right - a Pastor is encouraging you to stop going to church;  I really mean it!  STOP!  We’ve all become accustomed to simply going to church - as if church is a place.  It’s not!  Many of us have special uniforms (church clothes) that we don only … Continue reading Don’t GO to Church – BE the Church

It Takes Teamwork

1 Timothy 5 This chapter deals with three most common problems that cause division and split a church…the church is a team! It needs to be a unit – a whole- acting as one! Judges 20:1, 8, 11 All for one, one for all *crisis brought unity, (someone in hospital, casket, accident – gets family … Continue reading It Takes Teamwork