Father Hunger [Book Review]

Just how important is fatherhood anyway? Our culture has no answer as it can’t think of one good reason for fatherhood beyond the biological one. For that matter, many fathers can’t add any more items to the list. Shall we listen to our culture? I’m not sure what our listless age has to commend to itself to be our guide. God, as the Master Designer, is left out of our thinking and the consequences are horrific. That’s where one of the most incredible books on fathers I have ever read comes into play. “Father Hunger” by Douglas Wilson is profound and greatly impacted me. Every page was like the hard steel blades of the plow tilling through the soil of my heart.

My Name Is…

It has always been said that how you are PERCEIVED is how you are eventually RECEIVED. What does that mean you ask? Simply put, if someone thinks you are a mean person, they will treat you like a mean person. If someone thinks you to be positive and fun, more than likely you will have quite a few more friends than someone who isn’t.

An Honest Campaign

As we fast approach Election Day it is almost certain that you can expect a last push for your vote. Even before now the advertising has overwhelmed the public with campaign signs on every corner and commercials on the radio and television. And as we draw nearer to the final day in which the last person standing will be the one with the most votes, desperation and mud-slinging has kicked into high-gear as candidates use toxic arsenal to boost their appeal.

Training Our Children to be Faithful

Article by Kevin Winchenbach As I was sitting in church a couple of weeks ago, I started counting some of the kids I knew from several years ago.  Now that they are teens and young adults, they no longer want to come to church.  What has happened that they are not here or in any other … Continue reading Training Our Children to be Faithful

8 ‘Greats’ for Kids

As you set goals, here are eight great ideas to strengthen your family life and help everyone get on the right track! 1. Create a Consistent Daily Schedule.  It helps children to have a predictable daily routine - starting your day at about the same time, etc.  Rather than excess TV, video games, or idle … Continue reading 8 ‘Greats’ for Kids

It’s Not Easy Being a Kid!

This article compiled by Rogie Hale, Children’s Ministry Leader at Lighthouse Baptist Church, Taylorsville. One of the great puzzles in my life is when Daddy whips me for smoking a cigarette butt he threw away.  And Mommy sometimes washes my mouth out with soap for saying a word that I learned from her. Ever since … Continue reading It’s Not Easy Being a Kid!