Making a Mess

I hate it when I make a mess.  Don't you?  It makes me feel like a klutz, a loser, a failure.  Some messes are accidents - and some aren't.  Some are random and some are the results of our terrible choices... I work hard not to motivate people with regret and guilt because I know that … Continue reading Making a Mess

Hope for the Bruised

Sometimes in life, something so drastic happens, you wonder if there's any way to put back the pieces. According to Luke 4:18, Jesus came to "set at liberty them that are bruised." In other words, He came to set you free from the life-shattering experiences that hold you back. Those bruises aren't surface wounds, their deep. So deep that, even when they seem to be healing, any little thing brings them right back up into view again. Those bruises are caused by our sins and the sins of others, they are loss and loneliness, they are hurts, habits, and hang-ups that wound us for life... or so we think.

Grace’s #1 Enemy

Bitterness is fruit – Unforgiveness is the root – Tree of ungrace Grace and forgiveness – Linked “cycle:”  Injury > Penalty / Debt > cancellation (of payment) Unforgiveness – hold hostages (does not set free)  Hebrews 12:15 Creates bondage…the real loser is the one harboring bitterness / grudge…become a captive to negative emotions and resentment  … Continue reading Grace’s #1 Enemy

Finding Forgiveness

Article by Pastor Nix Mary Karr’s uncle had endured all he could stand!  The tall Texan grabbed his chain saw and began to split his own house into two halves.  He was sick and tired of living with such an unforgiving woman to whom he had not spoken in months.  He had enough.  He divided … Continue reading Finding Forgiveness