Want a Better Marriage? The Answer Is Surprisingly Simple – Part 2

Jesus loved the church first; Jesus loves even when His love is not reciprocated; He loves unconditionally; and He loves eternally. There are also many characteristics of His love. I’ve outlined a couple below, those that I believe are the most important for us, as Christian husbands, to remember. Jesus’ love is a...

Want a Better Marriage? The Answer Is Surprisingly Simple – Part 1

When our nation has a divorce rate that exceeds 50%, I think it is safe to say that many either are or should be asking how to have a better, stronger marriage. I do believe people are looking for answers. For example, a search of Half.com for books on “marriage” yields more than 23,000 hits! These books were written to fill demand created by people searching for books on the topic. I believe the answer to most problems in most marriages is quite simple. It is time for Christian husbands to get back to basics.

Love: a Fruit of the Spirit

The word 'love' conjures up so man different things today. A modern dictionary lists 28 various uses for the word: tender affection, warm attachment, intimate passion, strong predication, & amorous benevolence. Yet not of these are complete to define / describe what the Bible speaks of as a fruit of the Spirit. Three words for love are used in the Bible: eros (sensual attraction/passion), phileo (brotherly kindness), and agape (God-like love).