Getting Ready for Deliverance

The theme of Exodus is the Deliverance of God's people.  Chapter 1 gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the events leading up to their redemption. 1. The Need for Deliverance (1-6) When Jacob and his family came to Egypt to escape famine, there were only seventy.  Now, there were thousands (possibly hundreds of thousands).  They … Continue reading Getting Ready for Deliverance

How Does God See Me?

Ask yourself… How does God see me? Not how my family does, nor my friends, nor the pastor… but God. What does He think of my actions, words, decisions, feelings, & thoughts. Look at what God says to the 7 churches… REV. 2:2, 9, 13, 19; 3:1, 8, 15 God will find you in one of these progressive possibilities… find yourself and see what step, if any, you should take.

Seed of Abraham

Introductory note:  There is a simple correlation between the word 'seed' (KJV) and the promises (aka - covenants) of God.  The first promise of Messiah was in Genesis 3:15 (seed of woman (virgin)); promise of Godly line preserved through Seth (Gen. 4:25); covenant to Noah prohibiting floods and signed with a rainbow (Gen. 9:9). Promise … Continue reading Seed of Abraham

The Just Shall Live by Faith

4 times in scripture - Hebrew 2:4 – “by His faith” 3 times in NT – each with different emphasis Martin Luther’s Salvation _ climbing “Sancta Scala” sacred stairs Not by works – but by faith – just justify – declared not guilty Shades of white – “just” 100% pure (Job 9:2) Noah – Genesis … Continue reading The Just Shall Live by Faith