It Takes Teamwork

1 Timothy 5 This chapter deals with three most common problems that cause division and split a church…the church is a team! It needs to be a unit – a whole- acting as one! Judges 20:1, 8, 11 All for one, one for all *crisis brought unity, (someone in hospital, casket, accident – gets family … Continue reading It Takes Teamwork

The Pace of the Race

1 Timothy 4 The Tortoise and the Hare 1. Sitting – Distracted and detoured from off the course • Listening to seducing spirits – back sliding – misquoting – deny (justify) Jeremiah 8:5 • Doctrines of the devil – false teaching Galatians 5:7 • V5 – combat with word and prayer • V3 – affecting … Continue reading The Pace of the Race

The Leadership Baton

1 Timothy 3 Introduction to Church Leadership: There are two offices mentioned in the Bible (Phil. 1:1): pastors and deacons. Each one serves a purpose and is necessary in healthy, growing churches. 1. The Pastor a. Various Names & Responsibilities (Eph. 4:11; 1 Tim. 5:17; Titus 1:7) i. Pastor – means “shepherd” – relates to … Continue reading The Leadership Baton

Starting Right

1 Timothy 2 Relay Race – in the starting blocks, listening for the gun • Starts affect finishes (the end) • Starts affect races (the middle) V1-2 Starting a Church Ministry Right – with Prayer • We often start with preparation, planning, surveys, fundraising… • Zech 4:6 –Spiritual things happen by the spirits power – … Continue reading Starting Right

God’s Relay Race

God’s Relay Race - 1 Timothy 1 I want to get your attention…to hear the truth…truth is Powerful The Race is Important! • V1 – “commandment” God started it • V3 – “doctrine” – who we run for • V6-7 – “swerved” – What’s at stake – souls 1. events (sports) with all the ta-da … Continue reading God’s Relay Race