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Are you discouraged or depressed? 

Are you dealing with self-esteem or identity issues? 

Do you struggle with addiction or guilt? 

What about grief?

#1- Plain & Simple… It’s full of Life-giving Truth!!

Don’t you hate it when salesmen over-promise & under-deliver?! Make no mistake about this…this book will bless your socks off. The truths contained in this short book are guaranteed to encourage you and transform your life!  Get it here.

#2 – It’s quick & really easy to read!

If your attention span is like mine, then you’ll find the short chapters & fast-paced writing just what the doctor ordered. 
>> It works great as a Daily Devotional
a chapter a day
>> This also makes a great Small Group Study
a section a week for 4 weeks.

#3 – You Know Somebody Who Really Needs This…

When you download “My Hope” – you are automatically licensed to share this book with up to 5 friends, relatives, co-workers, etc.  Share it, tweet about it, or simply email it to a friend who is struggling.  It’s yours!


How to Get Your Copy of My Hope NOW:

Get the Paperback on Amazon!

or perhaps you prefer the Kindle ebook!

Share the hope!

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6 thoughts on “3 Reasons I Want You to Have This Book

    1. Becky – The book is not in print [yet!]. But I’d be happy to email it to you if that works better. Send an email to and I’ll get it right out! 😉

  1. Hello again. I did not want to email it because I did not want to download something as full as a book would be. Will the book be put into print sometime soon? I sure hope so because it sounds fascinating.

    Becky Berens

    1. Becky –
      The book is nearing print-production. Email me your mailing address and I’ll send you one to preview! I’d LOVE your thoughts before we finish our edits…

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