Growing in the Glory of God

Why is the ocean blue?  Why are leaves green?  Why do birds sing?  Why did Jesus die a criminal's death? One simple reason: because God wanted it that way.  He exists, creates, and loves ... for Himself (Isaiah 46:9-10).  This life is not about me; it's all about Him! God wants the glory and will … Continue reading Growing in the Glory of God

God is Faithful

For the last 36 years, Don Gorske of Fon Du Lac, Wisconsin, has eaten a Big Mac for lunch - every day. Over 23,000 in total. He doesn't miss a lunch. He's predictable. Where do you think he'll be today at about noon? You guessed it - at McDonald's! But Don has nothing on God. God is faithful, there is none more faithful. God is reliable - so rely on Him, He is trustworthy - so trust Him, He is dependable - so depend on Him, He is faithful - so have faith!

The Lord is Merciful

God is everything mercy ever hoped to be. He isn't just part mercy - He IS mercy. God has NEVER been unmerciful. It's who God is; mercy is His very nature. Mercy can be simply defined as 'Love in Action' (Eph. 2:4). It is living compassion (Ps. 116:5, 145:8). Theologically, mercy is what withholds that which is deserved. I always represent mercy with a "").

God is in Control

The Lord reigneth (Ps. 97:1; 99:1 - that 'eth' is KJV-talk for continually present tense). In other words, God is always in control. He is reigning, He has always reigned, and will forever reign. His position is one of ultimate authority. Every earthly authority is subject to Him. God doesn't just allow politics, He causes them to be in power. What's more, His power is so amazing that He can see all people, of all time, in all places ... at the same time with just a glance. He must lower Himself to our level just to care for creation.

How Great is Our God

It's not a question, it's a statement. I probably should add an exclamation point: How Great is Our God! As in many other places in the Bible, Isaiah 40 gives us a glimpse into God's greatness. He is strong as iron and tender as a shepherd (10-11). Adjectives like enormous and wise fall so short when we consider His creation and counsel (12-13). Not only that, but God invests His power into us, His people (29). God is awesome!