Enjoying Your Money

Once there was a man in an art gallery picking up & carrying around various paintings. He pretended to be somebody - many of the guests even thought he was an artist or an art dealer. Yet when closing time came, he could not carry the paintings out the door... You and I might look or act like 'owners' but when this life is over, it is certain that we will leave it all here. You can't take it with you!

Enjoying Your Marriage

Earthly marriages are built after the pattern of the Heavenly... even though by all appearances Adam & Eve's marriage came before Christ & the church. This is the mystery - that our earthly marriage relationships remind us of our responsibilities and roles while reflecting into our souls the love of God for His people.

Enjoying Your Bible

Is your Bible a like a desert (dry, boring) or like a dessert (sweet, satisfying)? The Bible compares itself to food - and, considering the average American's fetish with junk food, I'm not so sure that's a good comparison. Most of the time, good food isn't really good - if you know what I mean. We have to choose between good and good-for-us. But the Author would have you have your cake and eat it too (spiritually speaking). He desires to fill you with joy through His Words.

Enjoying Love

If love is the concern for the happiness of another, then isn’t it natural to want to love someone that brings you pleasure? Certainly. It’s illogical to think that someone would want to love another who would never reciprocate. Love - even unselfish love - seeks a measure of fulfillment and joy. It’s not wrong - as long as we don’t allow that to become the only time we love. Commitment is the skeleton of love; the emotion of joy is the soft, warm flesh that covers the cold, hard bone of choice.

Enjoying Worship

The word "spirit" in Jn 4:24 is not referring to the Holy Spirit - it has to do with your heart (emotions, feelings, affections). Worship is extravagant LOVE (meaning: ‘to kiss at’). We love Him because He first loved us (1 Jn 4:19) - our love is both responsive and reflective. Mark 12:30 says God gave us emotions to use for His glory - just like He gave you a body and mind. Do you worship God with your heart?