Why Worry?

Paul was never the victim of circumstances; “I am doing everything through Christ who energizes me!” If we depend on our own power, we will fail; but if we depend on His strength, we can do all things through Him. This explains why Paul could rejoice even in prison: he had learned to have a secure mind through the power of God. The secret to being content (v11-12): how to wait (patience) & how to want (priorities).

Weeding the Garden

Worry, worry, worry! How many Christians lose their joy and peace because of worry! In this chapter, Paul tells us that the secure mind—the mind that is guarded by the peace of God—frees us from worry. Of course, the believer who does not have the single mind (chap. 1), the submissive mind (chap. 2), and the spiritual mind (chap. 3) can never have the secure mind. We must first live what Paul describes in the previous three chapters before we can claim the promises and provisions of this final chapter.

A Low-Life Living for a High-Calling

Too many Christians live divided lives. One part enjoys the things of the world and the other part tries to live for the Lord. Getting wrapped up in “things,” they lose the joy and peace they ought to have in Christ. Nothing will keep our minds spiritual more than looking for the coming of Christ. Find out how being a Christian gives you a 'high calling' to live for...

Don’t Let STUFF Steal Your Joy

Too many Christians get wrapped up in “things” and lose the joy and peace they ought to have in Christ. They “mind earthly things” and lack that spiritual mind of the dedicated believer. Notice how many times the word “things” is used in this chapter. Here Paul describes the spiritual mind—the mind that thinks God’s thoughts and is directed toward God’s goals.

The Best Teacher Isn’t Experience

How different it is for us to exercise the mind of Christ! Walking by sight as we do, we think that to humble ourselves means to lose; yet the Word teaches that the only way up is down. Christ had the submissive mind, and God highly exalted Him. Paul, Timothy, and Epaphroditus had the submissive mind, and they were honored for their sacrifice and service. The best way to get the victory over people and pride is through the submissive mind: the mind of Christ.