Mobile Church Site

Did you know...? - over 4.6 million¬†smart phones¬†are sold each day this year - over 75% of the world's population owns a cell phone - over 85% of phones have access to the internet¬†(traffic is quadrupling¬†each year) - within 5 years, mobile phones will overtake PCs as the primary way to surf the web Does … Continue reading Mobile Church Site

Open House Sunday

Spring and Fall are great times of the year to have an Open House Sunday. Many churches open their doors wide and roll out the proverbial red carpet on that day. Successful Open House Sundays are the fruit of a two-pronged approach: outreach & hospitality. Although those themes are not unusual and ought to be a regular part of ministry, a special Sunday offers its membership the opportunity to really focus on these two things.

New A-Z Bible Study

This is a fresh, ready-to-use Bible study series.¬† With over 25 topical- & word-studies including: Baptism¬† *¬† Crowns¬† *¬† Demons *¬† Eternal Security¬† *¬† Fasting *¬† Idolatry Joy¬† *¬† Marriage¬† *¬† Revival *¬† Temptation¬† *¬† Uncertainties¬† *¬† Worship The PDF includes both a teacher's guide and a fill-in-the-blanks student guide. Here is the JPG file … Continue reading New A-Z Bible Study

Proverbs: Wealth of Wisdom

This series of 12 lessons covers the thirty-one chapters of wisdom given by King Solomon.¬† Written in a series of comparisons, Proverbs deals with many different topics including: money, relationships, sin, and sex.¬† Titles include: Sinful Paths¬† *¬† The Call to Real Life *¬† Power of Life and Death¬† *¬† The Will of God The … Continue reading Proverbs: Wealth of Wisdom

The Church’s New Front Door

First impressions can make or break you.¬† Statistics show that your website is the new 'front door' of your church!¬† More and more visitors say they visited the church's¬† website before ever stepping foot in the church building.¬† In fact, many will visit multiple sites before choosing a church to attend this Sunday.¬† Your virtual … Continue reading The Church’s New Front Door

24-hr Promise Line

~COST: Free! ~TIME REQUIRED: Very Low ~TECH LEVEL: Intermediate ~SCRIPTURE: Acts 5:42 (daily... in every house) ~BENEFITS: Very High! A 24-hour Prayer & Promise Line adds another point of contact between your church and your community, another connection between the pastor and the pew... It's as easy as recording a new voicemail message (that's exactly … Continue reading 24-hr Promise Line