All You Need is Love

Article by Steve Gettinger, Pastor of Risen Lord Lutheran Church, Taylorsville, Kentucky. The title of this article just happens to also be the title of a very popular song by a band called the Beatles.  Now I am not sure how much the Beatles knew about love, but I do know Someone who knows more … Continue reading All You Need is Love

Fathers Make a Difference

It was a quick trip to the park on a Saturday evening. Nothing major, just a few minutes with the family to get out the hyper-activity. I didn’t notice it right away, but once it sank in, there was not stopping the waves of sadness, frustration, and anger. It might not be a big deal … Continue reading Fathers Make a Difference

The Blessing

If you didn't get the blessing from your home or your church - you might feel like you're on your own to make it work, like you're not watched over or cared-for. When you pray and God didn't answer, you almost expected it - maybe you didn't do it right, maybe He had better things to do. Whether you are trying to fix your dishwasher, change your brakes, plant a garden, keep everything afloat, or raise kids of your own... at the core is a belief that you are fatherless... orphaned. It's like we've been told to take a trip - without a map. Well, here's your map: