Daniel ("God is my Judge") wrote this book as a journal of God's greatness over man's wisdom (ch 1-2), over fury and fire (ch 3), over pride and power (ch 4), over a king's plans (ch 5), and even over hungry lions (ch 6). ¬†Anyone/anything vs. God = anyone/anything loses & God wins! This book … Continue reading Daniel


Ezekiel recorded God's glory lost and regained in Judah. ¬†If Isaiah exalted the Son, and Jeremiah the Father, then Ezekiel exalts the Holy Spirit. ¬†This book is full of amazing visions in which God revealed Himself to the Prophet to deliver a message to the people. ¬†Some were of judgment and some of hope. ¬†My … Continue reading Ezekiel


This 'book of tears' has been called the funeral of a city (Jerusalem). ¬†Every chapter is weeping from A-Z (Hebrew alphabet has 22 letters). ¬†Jeremiah was called to remain back and minister God's love for His people in the midst of chastening. ¬†Whatever you do - don't miss chapter 3... it's the key to the … Continue reading Lamentations


The weeping prophet gives us a glimpse in to the heartbreak of God as he watches his nation suffer the damaging consequences of sinful rebellion.  Jeremiah is a book of interrogations (many questions from God to man), of restoration (there IS hope!), of persecutions (Jeremiah suffered personally), and of illustrations (numerous object-lesson-style sermons).


    Isaiah ("salvation of the LORD") wrote more prophecies about the Messiah than any other. ¬†This book is often called the Miniature Bible because its 66 chapters mimic the 66 books - there's even a shift at chapter 40 from law to grace, from judgment to hope (just like Malachi/Matthew - books 39-40). ¬†This … Continue reading Isaiah