Is the Lord Among Us or Not?

Exodus 17 records the day their question of God's provision turned into an accusation of God's neglect... They were following God's leadership when they were led to the foot at Mount Sinai, but their tongues were parched & their canteens empty. They had expected that if God was with them, they wouldn't have any unmet needs. And when their needs went unmet, they began their 'chiding' (to set forth a case, to argue like an attorney, to require a burden of proof). They began to 2nd guess God, saying 'God, I don't believe I can trust You. Prove it by giving us water!'

Handling the Ups & Downs of Life

In Exodus 15, we catch up with the people of Israel on the proverbial 'mountain-top.' They had just witnessed the greatest victory in the history of their nation. They were up, way up. Yet if you read through to the end of the chapter, they have traveled three days without water in a parched desert and they are thirsty. Excitement spread as they saw water in the distance. Is it a mirage? No - it's the real thing! They ran to drink. Oh no, it's stagnate. It's bitter, not to mention dangerous. Just three days after their emotional high, they find themselves tired and thirsty, in the lowest of emotional valleys.

What NOT-TO-DO in Times of Crisis

God often leads His people into situations that do not make sense to us. His ways are not always logical. Our perspective usually includes the shortest distance between two points, while God plans for the best route from an eternal perspective. After God had delivered Israel from Egypt, He led them right into a trap. They were penned in by the mountains, the desert, and the sea; this was not a reasonable strategy of escape. But God knew exactly what would happen, and this is exactly where Israel needed to be for reasons they would only understand later. God did not need their assistance, only their obedience. He was in total control and only needed their surrender for His plan to work perfectly (Ex. 14).

Do You Want What You Have?

Not long ago, I heard 'lust' defined as wanting something else, someone else, or somewhere else. If that's true, then I must confess to lusting quite a bit. Its poison has destroyed the best of us. Causing many marriages to fail. Drowning families in debt. Leading us on a never-ending chase for satisfaction. The carrot is dangled in front of us, yet we never arrive at our destination...

Learning to Live in Liberty

After 400 years of cruel bondage and enslavement, the Jews are walking out with God's mighty hand on them, just as promised (Exodus 13). What could have been a short 10-day trip from Egypt to Canaan would take about a year - because God had quite a bit to teach His people. It was much easier to get Israel out of Egypt than to get Egypt out of Israel. This is a beautiful picture of the Christian's journey of faith...