The Finish Line

2 Timothy 4 Before the Olympic – the gospel held the Isthmian Games…the most famous and crowd favorite was the relay race…with a twist. Each competitor was given a torch – lit at the starting line. He was to carry it to a team mater runner and he to the next – then to the … Continue reading The Finish Line

Passing the Baton

Article by Pastor Patrick Nix It’s Saturday morning, 9:30 a.m., and I’m watching nearly a dozen kids sweat as they lap the track at the Spencer County High School.  The heat is already making it difficult for them.  I’m just glad I’m watching from my van - and not out there with them!  I never … Continue reading Passing the Baton

It Takes Teamwork

1 Timothy 5 This chapter deals with three most common problems that cause division and split a church…the church is a team! It needs to be a unit – a whole- acting as one! Judges 20:1, 8, 11 All for one, one for all *crisis brought unity, (someone in hospital, casket, accident – gets family … Continue reading It Takes Teamwork

The Pace of the Race

1 Timothy 4 The Tortoise and the Hare 1. Sitting – Distracted and detoured from off the course • Listening to seducing spirits – back sliding – misquoting – deny (justify) Jeremiah 8:5 • Doctrines of the devil – false teaching Galatians 5:7 • V5 – combat with word and prayer • V3 – affecting … Continue reading The Pace of the Race

The Leadership Baton

1 Timothy 3 Introduction to Church Leadership: There are two offices mentioned in the Bible (Phil. 1:1): pastors and deacons. Each one serves a purpose and is necessary in healthy, growing churches. 1. The Pastor a. Various Names & Responsibilities (Eph. 4:11; 1 Tim. 5:17; Titus 1:7) i. Pastor – means “shepherd” – relates to … Continue reading The Leadership Baton

Starting Right

1 Timothy 2 Relay Race – in the starting blocks, listening for the gun • Starts affect finishes (the end) • Starts affect races (the middle) V1-2 Starting a Church Ministry Right – with Prayer • We often start with preparation, planning, surveys, fundraising… • Zech 4:6 –Spiritual things happen by the spirits power – … Continue reading Starting Right