Photo Nov 23, 2 25 36 PMI’m Patrick – or, as my nieces and nephews call me, Uncle “Patch.”  I love making people think, especially about the big stuff: grace, joy, & hope.  I love asking questions and getting questions back.  I love sitting down over a good meal and building kingdom-relationships.

believer, family man, question-asker, communicator,
hope-seeker, dark chocolate addict

I grew up in church and committed my life to follow Jesus at age 12; however, I never understood the power of the gospel until later in life. At 16, I knew that I was created to communicate the Truth, but I’m still growing in understanding what that means and how to live that out.

Now, in my 40’s, I’m blessed to be the husband of my beautiful bride of over 20 years and father to six kids who make me laugh and keep me young (college, high & middle school, elementary, & preschool).



One thought on “About Me

  1. I praise and thank God for getting me here to your sight,your Ministry is a blessing to me.Keep up the good work! I totally enjoyed the sermon Stand Still and See,I will be back.

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