My Heavenly HOME

H ¬†Home is where the Heart is…

Does your life belong to Jesus Christ? ¬†Do you know for sure, that if you died, you would go to Heaven? ¬†By faith, accept what Jesus said and did as payment for your sins. ¬†Receive Him into your life right now. ¬†You can be prepared for eternity… are you ready?

O  Heaven is my Optimism

This is not just wishful thinking or a pipe-dream; Heaven is very real.  We do our world a great disservice by only talking about Heaven at funerals.  It should be in our thoughts of true reality and greatness every day!

M  Heaven, my Motivation

If you’re looking for purpose and fulfillment on this earth, you’re too short-sighted. ¬†God promised all this and more in the life to come. ¬†Heaven moves me to love, to gratitude, to purity, and to diligent service.

E ¬†Heaven’s exciting Experiences

Heaven is not a boring place where we all sit on clouds and play harps forever. ¬†It’s a place of adventure, exploration, travel, interaction, growth, variety, unity, and so much more. ¬†You’ll love it!

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