Does Your Church Use a Yearly Theme?

Our church usually makes a big deal in January about our theme for the year… It’s been said that “Talent Borrows, Genius Steals.” So feel free to be a genius:

r&dical14-Harvest Days (field, outreach) 2014
One Family Under God (simple logo, stripes) 2014
Radical (roots, growth) 2014
Family Under Construction (blueprints) 2013
Hope in God (lots of ideas!) 2012
Refresh (iPad-style wet glass) 2011
Changed by Jesus (sunrise, butterfly) 2011
Church Still Works (steeple, texture) 2010
Making a Difference (seasons, tree) 2010
Grow in Grace (green vectors) 2009
Now More Than Ever (hourglass, black) 2008
A Touch of Heaven (lighthouse, sky) 2007
Here Am I (prophet, parchment) 2006
Go Forward (digital, compass) 2005
For Such a Time as This (vintage clock) 2004
Walking Worthy (path in forest) 2003
Charting the Course (nautical) 2002

Other Ideas for Annual Themes:

Fall in Love with Jesus
The Light of the World (and more)

Also check out:

5 thoughts on “Does Your Church Use a Yearly Theme?

  1. Our church is going with something along the lines of “Changed by Christ” — emphasizing The power of each person’s testimony. Let the redeemed of the Lord say so … They overcame him by the Lamb’s blood & the word of their testimony.

  2. I’m thinking something along this line: “refresh. renew. restore.” Refresh our vision, renew our strength, restore our souls. Or something like that. I’m thinking a background of water droplets drizzled on glass. Something that looks refreshing. Like the new background for the iPhone 4:

    As I enter into my first full year of pastoring, our church needs good direction, a renewed sense of vision, and some healing over some past hurts. Just want to hit a big reset button for the future.

  3. I’m think’n, keep it simple and to the point…”All for 1 & 1 for All” I’ve got a simple Graphic idea I’m sure you could run with.

    God is Blessing You!

  4. Our theme is going to be “More Than Before”
    More faithfulness, more giving, more witnessing, more soul winning…more of us than ever before!

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