Can the Ref Actually Do That?!

I love watching my boys play ball – basketball, of course! But I really dislike how the refs are calling these days… especially when we aren’t winning! 😉  The other day, I watched as the refs kicked out a nearby fan for making her disagreement with him public.  It wasn’t pretty!  I was asking myself, ‘Can the ref actually do that?!’  I guess he can – because he did!  Kind of ironic that I had this conversation the evening before… [paraphrased]

NCAA Basketball:  MAR 10  Cal State Fullerton at UC IrvinePastor, got a minute?

Sure, what’s up?

I’ve got a problem understanding some Scripture.  1 Corinthians 2:14-15 is really puzzling me.  What does it mean that a ‘spiritual man’ judges all things but is not judged of any other?

Great question! *insert a rapidly growing grin because I LOVE questions like these!* 

This passage reminds me of a referee.  They are the supreme authority on the court.  Not because they are smarter or have better vision – they obviously do NOT!  They have authority because it has been given to them by the court’s owners.  They have the authority of the rule book.   But it’s really their discretion that matters.  They ‘judge’ and discern things on the court and yet they – as long as they follow the rulebook – they cannot be condemned (judged).  Many might argue and fight – but the ref is the highest power on the court because he is the living representative of the rule book.

And so it is in the Christian life… A person who is spiritual (not only saved, but led by the Spirit) is able to discern (make the calls according to the Bible) all things.  The Spirit helps us make the right call according to God’s rule-Book.  Yet we – as God’s living representatives – can be condemned of no fan.  If we are calling life by the rules, then no person – no fan or player – has anything to truly convict us.  We stand without condemnation (Rom. 8:1).  This is why judging others (especially Christians) is so very sinful… it is only God’s prerogative to judge whom He gave authority and discretion in the first place (Rom. 14:4-5; James 4:11-12). 

A spiritual person holds the highest position of authority in this world.  He is higher than a carnal Christian, who is higher than an unbeliever, who is higher than any animal.  How can I make such a bold statement?  Animals have no conscience, yet all men at least have a conscience and knowledge of God.  Some have believed and yet still live according to their natural tendencies (flesh), but few live daily directed by the Spirit’s still, small voice.

So live by the Spirit.  Be discerning.  Enjoy the liberty of ‘calling the shots’ – as long as it’s by the Book!  And don’t worry about the rabid fans — haters are gonna hate! 

What do you think about ‘my take’ on 1 Corinthians 2?  I enjoy your feedback… Would you agree or disagree?  Have anything to add to the conversation?

2 thoughts on “Can the Ref Actually Do That?!

  1. Brother Nix,

    How timely is this message. Just this morning we decided to follow the Lord’s leading and we will be going forth shortly! Praise the Lord. Following the Spirit and allowing the Lord’s will to be done. Your family is in our prayers and we miss you all very much.

    Keep preaching His word. We look forward to your postings.

    All’s grace,
    The Bells

  2. I think many of us left behind are trying to figure it out…… should we move on… leting God show us a way in other directions? I know some of us are struggling pretty much so…

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