What’s Important to Me May Not Be What’s Important to You

What’s IMPORTANT to Me:

  1. The Bible – God’s Word & will for me
  2. Joy – God’s greatest gift (His favor on me) – my completer
  3. My Kids – God’s blessings to me, my heritage  – arrows ready for me to aim them
  4. My ‘Happiness’ / Satisfaction / Fulfillment – God’s essence in me
    – Knowing I’m living up to my potential
    – Enjoying my family
    – Taking time to be healthy, rested
  5. Ministry / Church – God’s Calling – teaching the Bible & developing people in gospel truths
  6. Friendships – God’s family – real, close friends (men, couples)

What’s NOT IMPORTANT (What shouldn’t be, anyway):

  1. Entertainment (TV) – fantasy worlds
  2. Twitter/Facebook – shallow relationships
  3. The Approval of Others – preachers, website stats, etc.
  4. Sweets (or food-in-general) – the go-to when all else fails

What should be MORE IMPORTANT:

  1. Compassion & sympathy – listening to family and friends
  2. Prayer – developing a consistent, relational walk with my Father
  3. Evangelism – sharing my testimony & the gospel without fear
  4. Worship – joyful praise: expressive, free, & emotional
  5. Stewardship – budgeting, saving, & giving… more!

What’s Important to You?  Please leave your comments below…

3 thoughts on “What’s Important to Me May Not Be What’s Important to You

  1. I love number 3 on what NOT important. When I came to Christ I based my spirituality souly on the approval of the pastor we had…not God plan to do so!

  2. 1. My relationship with the LORD! Because without I’ve proving to destroy the other things in my life that are important. Like my marriage and my responsibilies to be a father. Thank you Jesus for your forgiveness and love for a sinner like me.

  3. What is important to me is my salvation and all that it means, I do not have to worry about where I will be after I die. I will never be able to live up to what God expects out of me, but every day I try. On a worldly level my family is important to me and the approval of my husband is important to me. I think that even though we have a heavenly Father, we still live in a sinful and uncaring world for the most part. However knowing that God is always there really makes life a little easier.

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