Would You Come to My Funeral?

Recently, I was challenged to attend my own funeral… It’s not a new idea – but it’s a great one. Will you come with me and hear what everyone has to say?  Please keep in mind that this is my ‘ideal’ funeral.  As I read this again, I realize how much distance there is between this and reality – and I’m terrible humbled.  These words are some things that I would hope to hear in my wildest dreams and something that helps me set my life-goals.

I will meet God, I want Him to say…

“Well done, this is my beloved Son, in whom I’m well-pleased.”  [I desire His APPROVAL!!]  “Not only did you serve me, but you did it with joy and zeal – you loved Me more than life, than self, or any other… Thank you.”  Ps. 40:8-11 / Matt. 25:23, 3:17

My wife, Joy, will say…

“He loved me and was faithful to me.  He was a 1-woman man.  He had eyes only for me and saw beauty in me.  We lived life – laughed and cried together – making memories.  Not only did he take care of my needs, more than a good provider and protector – he was my friend, my partner, my companion.  He made everything in life better.  I’ll miss taking walks, holding hands, stargazing, bonfires…  Eph. 5:25-31 / 1 Pet. 3:7

My Kids will say…

“Daddy was more than a father – he was a mentor, a coach, a friend.  He gave us wisdom as we grew up – how to overcome adversity.  He taught us simple truths – starting with grace, hope, faith, and love.  He showed us how to live for God with a personal, private walk with God.  He played with us – games, vacations – we laughed so much! I’ll miss his laugh.  [Sons] – He made me the man I am today.  [Anna] – He gave me true, unconditional love until I married.  Eph. 6:4 / Col. 3:15-16 / Deut. 6:6-7 / Prov. 1:7-9

My Parents will say…

“Our son made us so proud.  He overcame obstacles and succeeded our expectations.  We are thankful that he took time and money to care for us and our needs.  He didn’t turn out like we had planned / thought – he was even better.  Prov. 10:1, 15:20, 17:6

My Friends will say…

“I’m going to miss our phone calls, visits, and time together.  He was a ‘best friend’ – always there, never selfish. He stood with me when others didn’t.  He was a good listener, a great encourager, and a gracious friend, always supportive and understanding.  Prov. 17:17, 18:24, 27:6, 17 / Jn. 15:13 / Job 2:11-13

My Church-Family will say…

“We are so thankful to God for leading him to us.  He blessed us with the Word faithfully and did not use it against us.  He led us in truth – to think it through and not just accept it blindly.  He fed us and motivated us to love God more.  He humbly showed us – with great transparency – how the gospel applies and changes people with power.  He pointed us to Christ and equipped us to live gospel-centered, joyful, Spirit-filled lives.  He discipled me and led me to disciple others.  2 Tim. 2:2, 4:2 / 1 Pet. 5:2-3

Thanks for coming to my funeral.  Have you ever written out your life-goals before?  Would you consider sharing them?  I’d love to read them!

4 thoughts on “Would You Come to My Funeral?

  1. WOW !!!! A very thought provoking blog today —– thankyou for that. A few years ago I sat down to make all the arrangements for my funeral. It was kind of fun (in a morbid way). The funeral director was willing to come to my house to talk and make decisions. Then I
    decided that I would take steps even further. Anyone that I was really close to that had really inspired my life I made a lap blanket for and gave some them a personal gift from my home. I did not want my belongings that had been special to me to just get handed out to just anyone or thrown away. Of course people thought that I was trying to tell them that I was dying. But it really was a fun experience.

  2. wow this showed me how I lack in confidence and self esteem. You spoke very favorably of yourself and well we are our thoughts! Great blog…

  3. I actually attended a non death funeral of a church member years ago. The man that was alive but was dieng from cancer and had not lng to live actually wanted his funeral to see what would happen , it was a little crazy, but some of his lost family members came to be saved. How wonderful for this man to witness his lost family come to know Christ before his own passing and feel relief that those members will be with him some day. Why do we have to wait for those last days and moments in life to realize what is so important in life and God?

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