Reflections on T4G 2012

No, I don’t call myself a Calvinist or reformed, but I do believe in God’s grace and sovereignty and I desire to be gospel-centered.  And I thoroughly enjoyed this year’s ‘Together for the Gospel’ Conference.  This was my first T4G Conference and though I don’t know how it might compare to the others, I would highly recommend you add this to your schedule in April 2014.  There are many reasons, here are a few:

The PREACHING – Nine main sessions about the power of the gospel.  I don’t ever remember a time that my spirit was more stirred to preach and witness.  I appreciate the authority with which the messages were given, the humility of the messengers, the preeminence of the Scriptures (specifically the gospel) in every session.  Zealous.  Urgent. Authoritative. Never have I heard such content in such a short conference – every message deeply affected in me a hot passion to continue preach and to share the powerful gospel.  Here are my notes.

The MUSIC – Bob Kauflin led worship for 8k+ with his piano and voice.  He led us in true worship of spirit and truth.  What a joy to sing the old and new hymns – such rich doctrine, such beauty and poetry.  What a pleasure to listen to and sing in such a choir of men (and ladies).  Listen here.

The ZERO-DOLLAR BOOKSTORE – That’s right… $0.  T4G, Crossway, and Lifeway (and others I’m sure) sponsored a bookstore and vendor area where every registrant would receive ~20 books, CDs, pamphlets, etc. absolutely free.  This is not just an immediate blessing  but will continue to bless as I make time to dig into these resources.  Here’s the stack.  I also enjoyed browsing the other bookstore with such a wide variety of authors and topics.

The FRIENDSHIPS – I did not go to T4G alone.  I came with 3 close friends and left with many more.  Thanks to Michael, Brad, Dave, Jamie, Jon, Jared, and Tom.  Next time, I will be bringing more friends and making even more…

The PANEL DISCUSSIONS & BREAKOUTS – As I understand it, the format this year was very different than in the past.  I have no point of comparative reference, but suffice it to say that these were interesting.  Because they were so topically oriented and pointed, I must admit that some interested me much more than others – but the 1-2 that caught my attention were very interesting and facilitated even more questions / study / conversation.  I look forward to catching up on the ones I missed on the T4G website.

The TESTIMONIES – This year’s theme, Together for the Underestimated Gospel, was beautifully highlighted by ~8 testimonies of the power of the gospel.  This stirred each one of us as a testament to God’s might and the reach of the good news.

The LOCATION – Although this conference was located in my backyard (Louisville), I would definitely travel if it were necessary.  I met many people who did travel… from Canada, India, Cayman Is., and all over the USA.  The YUM! Center & the Kentucky International Convention Center were excellent venues.  (One caveat… the meal plan was a high for the quality of food – but still worth the convenience.)

One thought on “Reflections on T4G 2012

  1. Thanks for posting your reflections on T4G. It was my first time at the conference as well, and it was a tremendous blessing! Many of the highlights you mentioned were also things I really enjoyed (and I’m excited that I’ll continue to enjoy the books for a while to come!).

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