The Indoctrination of Evolution

Kentucky (and 25 other states) are pushing new standardized tests (this includes college entrance exams).  Under the new standards, tests are required to devote about 1/3 of the test to biological evolution (between 25-40%).

The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) are the product of a state-led initiative (KY) to develop educational standards that comply with the Framework (PDF, 13mb).  The Framework document establishes the core disciplinary ideas in science and focuses on what is ‘most important for students to learn in order to be both college and career ready.’  The final version of the NGSS is scheduled for release in December 2012.  The last formality will be when the Kentucky Dept. of Education adopts the NGSS as policy.

According to the NGSS and Kentucky Dept. of Education, these standards are not yet in place – but according to an ACTUAL test report, it would seem they are!  [If 34+% of the test was evolution before the NGSS is approved, what will it look like afterward?]


1. Evolution is only a theory.  It is NOT science and should not be taught as fact.  It deserves no more credibility or time than any other hypothesis.  Creation answers more questions and has more historical accuracy.
2.  It is a faith-based, state-sponsored religion.  It breeds humanism, atheism, and even racism.  It is morally corrupt and has no place in standardized testing – much less one-third of life science.
3. Requiring students to learn and answer facts which violates their Bible-based convictions (freedom of religion) is unconstitutional.


1. Pray that God would protect our nation, states, counties from humanism and atheism
2. Download this letter and mail/deliver it to your district’s school board superintendent and members.
3. Visit to stay updated (KY Director: Roger Dillon)
4. Support / Contact Legislator Tim Moore & others who stand with him against this.
5. Read this … Take an Ax to the Poisonous Tree of Evolution

4 thoughts on “The Indoctrination of Evolution

  1. In regards to your first issue, I could explain what exactly is meant by the phrase “theory of evolution” but instead I’ll just quote from the guidelines your criticising as it would seem that, despite campaigning against them, you haven’t read them.

    Science has developed explanatory theories, such as the germ theory of disease, the Big Bang theory of the origin of the universe, and Darwin’s theory of the evolution of species. Although their role is often misunderstood—the informal use of the word “theory,” after all, can mean a guess—scientific theories are constructs based on significant bodies of knowledge and evidence, are revised in light of new evidence, and must withstand significant scrutiny by the scientific community before they are widely accepted and applied. Theories are not mere guesses

    This, I think, also deals with your second critique. As a theory evolution is open to change as new observations and evidence comes to light, which is the polar opposite to religious faith which often prides itself on being unchanging.

    Finally, it is worth remembering that there is nothing in the bill that mandates the school children believe evolution, merely that they learn about it. Were there a forced belief then that would be something to be worried about but as it stands this is merely exposing an individual to other ideas. Such exposition is not an infringement on religious freedom, if it were comparative religion classes would have long since been outlawed.

  2. I think you are all, the religionists and scientists, caught up in the detail and can’t see it doesn’t matter what you believe, as long as you don’t force it on another. Or it does because it sets you one against the other when all that really matters is to be able to live free of unhappiness on and in this wonderful earth, inteligently.

    Belief is for Man the child, time to grow up. The Gnostics had it right – Let no man come between me and god, with the imposition of their befief system or other willfulness.

    Wonder what happened to them? 🙂

    All the best mate. Mark

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